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Pilates Reformer in Fulham

Woman doing pilatesAs part of our commitment to offering you a comprehensive range of holistic healthcare services to help you feel and function your best, Peak Function Chiropractic provides Pilates Reformer Rehab as well as Therapeutic Mat sessions.

These are active approaches that can be used on a daily basis to strengthen the entire body.

How Pilates and Chiropractic Work Together

Regular chiropractic adjustments support the nervous system, which controls your muscles. A healthy nervous system will help you activate your core muscles and improve your ability to perform Pilates exercises, which are low-impact and can be modified to suit your individual fitness level.

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What Are the Benefits?

With its combination of detailed exercises and specific breathing patterns, therapeutic Pilates promotes improved body awareness and physical condition and can be used as a complement to sports training as well as a method of physical rehabilitation.

This type of rehab focuses on training the muscles that help support the structure and movement of the body. It can improve strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, spinal alignment, core strength and posture.

Woman holding yoga mat and smiling.

What to Expect

We’ll have you fill in a consultation form before your first session, and we will conduct a postural assessment. Every workout will begin with a warm-up called the preparation phase, which focuses on correct posture and alignment, lateral breathing technique, engagement of core muscles, mobility exercises to lubricate the joints, balance, proprioception and body awareness, concentration and focus.

The main workout phase seeks to promote varying levels of muscular strength, endurance, stability, mobility, balance and coordination.

The closing phase focuses on cooling down through a range of stretching activities that improve the flexibility of thigh muscles and promote relaxation.

Our Fees

Our sessions are one-on-one with the instructor to ensure you do the exercises properly, to maximise the health benefits.

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