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Our Price Lists

Chiropractic Price List

At Peak Function Chiropractic, it is our purpose to not only treat the symptoms of your condition but address the true cause. The number of sessions will depend on your condition and your desired goal. Session times are detailed below.

Interventions may include:

  • stretch therapy
  • corrective patterning exercise therapy
  • functional movement therapy
  • posture correction
  • progressive core-based therapy

New Clients

  • 45 minutes: £80 (Case History + Examination + treatment)

Follow Up Sessions: 30 Min

  • 30 min session: £60
  • 8 Block 30 min sessions: £464 (£16 saving)
  • 16 Block 30 min sessions: £896 (£64 saving)

Follow Up Sessions: 60 Min

  • 60 min session: £120
  • 4 Block 60 min sessions: £440 (£40 saving)

Free Sessions

If you would like to chat to us about what we do, or you need to have more trust and understanding to see if we are experienced and effective in caring for your condition, please do call or email us so we can arrange a time to either call you or book a time in the clinic.

Pilates, Massage, and Cupping Therapy Price List


1:1 Reformer rehab Pilates 40 min taster session: £40
1:1 Reformer rehab Pilates 30 min session: £40

Deep Tissue Massage + Cupping Therapy

45 min session: £60

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