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Paediatric Chiropractor in Fulham

Happy kids hanging outYou might wonder: why would kids need to see a chiropractor? The answer is, for the same reason adults do. Keeping the joints and musculature of the body working optimally allows kids to move with greater ease and function at a higher level.

Our Peak Function Chiropractic chiropractor, Robert van Schalkwyk, has training and certification in paediatric chiropractic care and over 25 years’ experience helping kids move and function their best.

Triangle Model of Care

Rather than focusing in solely on areas of pain or dysfunction, Robert takes a whole-body approach. After all, everything in the body is connected, and every part has to work as it should in order for the whole body to move properly. Our Triangle Model of care addresses three components:

The joints of the spine and body, using gentle chiropractic adjustments or mobilisations
The muscles and soft tissues, using soft tissue techniques like trigger point therapy, active muscle release, stretching, corrective exercise and movement
Functional movement training to retrain the body to create healthier patterns of movement that support optimal mobility and function

As with adults, all of our care for children is tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Who We See

Because of our practice focus on movement training, we don’t see newborns or infants. We prefer to begin care at the toddler stage on up through teens. By helping children establish healthy patterns of movement at a young age, we aim to prevent common musculoskeletal conditions related to poor alignment and movement from developing over time. It is much easier to help a child grow up with optimal functional movement than to try and retrain the body later in life.

Gentle Care

Rest assured that our adjustments and mobilisations are geared for kids—we don’t adjust a five year old the same way we adjust a Strong Man competitor. And we take the time to ensure that your child is comfortable with the process before beginning any care.

We Can’t Wait to Meet You

Contact us today to book an appointment for your child. We look forward to welcoming them into the practice!

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